7 Laws of Productivity

My 7 Laws blogs have become pretty popular, so I’ve written another one on my 7 Laws of Productivity. This is something I sometimes struggle with because it’s easy to let all the distractions that exist in the world today take your focus away from the important things. If you’re like me, these laws will help you improve your productivity!

Law 1 – Don’t work overtime just because you think you ‘should’

While sometimes overtime isn’t an option, don’t force yourself to work longer or more hours than your usual if you can avoid it, because you’re highly unlikely to produce better work or accomplish more simply by working more hours. You’ll tire yourself out and affect yourself physically and mentally, for no real gain.

Law 2 – Minimise distractions

Get everything you need ready to go before you start, so you’re not having to get up and down to look for things. Turn off your notifications, close all unnecessary tabs, move to a quieter place if need be.

Law 3 – Prioritise and keep your goals in mind at all times

By prioritising what you need to get done, you’re not spending valuable time on the less important things instead of what should be done to reach your goals. This enables you to be much more efficient. You’re also more likely to focus and get things done when you remember what you’re doing it for.

Law 4 – Love what you do

If you enjoy your work, you’re going to be motivated and focused each day, leading to better quality work that’s also higher in quantity too. You’re also less likely to be bothered by those longer days when you love your work!

Law 5 – Know what your limits are

Don’t overcommit yourself, because you’re not helping anyone by trying to do too much at once. Don’t be afraid to say no!

Law 6 – Take more breaks

When you try and power through large amounts of work without taking a break, you’re going to lose focus and run out of steam pretty quickly, which means your work won’t be at the standard it should be. Regular breaks help you refresh and refocus, so you can get back to doing great work.

Law 7 – Look after your health – mentally and physically

To put it simply: if you’re not eating and sleeping well or keeping active, you’re going to feel pretty rubbish, and you won’t be getting through as much work as you could be. Look after yourself and your work will be at a higher standard.

Productivity is about quality more than quantity, like many of these laws suggest. Let me know if there’s any you think I’ve missed, or if you have any other ideas for 7 Laws blogs you’d like me to write!

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