What To Never Say To Your Boss

How to speak and work with your boss whilst still being a great leader – here is my favourite story and tips. I remember years ago when my boss asked me if I knew much about Leadership and whether I could coach and teach people on engineering and construction sites about Leadership. I totally faked it and said YES ABSOLUTELY! Then I raced home and bought every book I could on Leadership on Amazon (you should see my library after 15 years). And I did it.

This is how LeadershipHQ and Sonia McDonald Inc. came to life as I didn’t say no I can’t to my boss. It took a lot of courage as I was truly scared sh*tless but I looked fear in the face and said I have got this. I wanted to challenge myself. This is just one of many stories I could share and there have been plenty of times I didn’t get it right whilst speaking to my boss.

Thing is, effectively communicating with your boss is an essential skill to have in the workplace, especially when you’re in a leadership role. There are a right way and a wrong way to talk to your boss; it’s not like talking to a regular colleague and you must keep that in mind with every interaction you have with your higher-ups.

Here are some examples of what to avoid when you’re speaking with your boss:

Telling them “I can’t”

If you’re saying this, you will come off as unwilling and lacking confidence. Your management won’t appreciate this lack of flexibility or your negative attitude. Look at it as an opportunity or a challenge and if you are a little unsure but open about it and ask for help. 

Don’t put down your colleagues

While we want to let our bosses know that we’re valuable to the company so that they consider us for opportunities in the future, but don’t minimise what your team did to make yourself look better, or even worse, take credit for what they did. This shows your boss that you’re not a team player and makes you look very unprofessional.

If you’re wanting to talk about issues with a colleague, that’s a different story, but still requires the utmost professionalism in your approach.

Saying that something isn’t in your job description

Now, this doesn’t mean that you should use a piece of machinery when you’re actually in accounting, just because your boss tells you to, but use common sense.

Bosses appreciate flexibility in their team, and getting more skills and experience in different roles will make you even more valuable to the company.

Don’t be too humble

Learning how to accept praise from management (or anyone!) is hard to do, and a lot of us try and deflect the compliments onto others, minimising our own achievements for fear of coming off as arrogant. But you also don’t want to appear to be taking all the credit either. So what’s the middle ground?

Acknowledge what you accomplished, give credit where it’s due and don’t brush off the praise you receive. This takes courage and it really important. This way you show that you work well in a team, and are professional. 

Saying ‘No’
While saying ‘no’ can be needed at times, you need to be polite and professional and remember that you’re expected to be as cooperative as possible when your boss asks you to do something. If you need to say no to something, try and phrase it in a way that explains your refusal, like mentioning another deadline you have and asking if your focus should change from that.

Being mindful of how you talk to and interact with your boss will help you greatly in your career. It’s important to have a positive relationship with all co-workers, including those higher up than you.

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