brave Summit

Saturday 23rd February 2019


We need more Women sitting at the Leadership Table and achieving Greatness.

We want Bold, Authentic and Courageous Women 

Stuff the Imposter Syndrome.

Stuff the Glass Ceiling. 

We want to help you with the juggle and overwhelm.

We know -

You are Exceptional!

You are Brave!

Let’s Help You Get There. 

*Please note there are ONLY 100 SEATS 

* Includes Lunch (starting from only $67 per ticket)

* Receive Members Prices worth over $2000 during the summit



Women undeniably have a different set of leadership skills to men and businesses are just not discovering how important those attributes are in the workplace. It is also time that women learned to appreciate the skills they have. You will discover and learn to appreciate your own unique leadership qualities and how to implement them in a significant way within your leadership role. You could be a strong and capable leader, leading your team YOUR way, or you could still be wondering if you have it in you to be a leader at all…

Which will it be? brave is suited to emerge and mid-to-senior level managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders with a focus on self, courage, and leadership. Using both a neuroscience and direct action learning approach, this workshop and membership will provide you with the skills, insights, and empower YOU to be the best leader you can be! It will also provide you with a level of confidence and courage that will bring you instant results. You will have the opportunity to connect with a tribe of people who will take your career and leadership to new levels.

“It is courage, courage, courage, that raises the blood of life to crimson splendor. Live bravely and present a brave front to adversity.” ―Horace

Our summit will give you confidence in yourself as an individual and as a leader. You will learn about yourself and the strengths you already have that will help your personal development. You will discover a new sense of self and gain a new mindset with brave Summit. You will learn how to harness incredible courage and bravery. You will be able to build an incredible brand and be able to understand your why, purpose and passions. You will discover the power of resilience and how to use it wisely towards successful outcomes. You will discover what drives and motivates you and how to maintain your motivation while still maintaining balance and focus! Sonia is an inspirational and dynamic leadership coach and speaker. She energizes and motivates people to be bold, to focus on their personal strengths, and to ultimately forge their own authentic leadership journey. Sonia’s workshop program is insightful, engaging and rewarding.

Sonia loves working with brave women, but the fact is that there are nowhere near enough brave women in leadership, and that NEEDS to change!

There are so many reasons why we as women don’t appreciate the skills and talents we have that make us fantastic leaders - this conference will change that!

You’ll learn how to harness your amazing qualities and unleash the incredible leader within.

If any of these points resonate with you, then this conference is for you!

Lack of confidence

Not being able to speak up or speak out when it counts.

Lack of belief/disempowering beliefs

Not believing in yourself, and having negative beliefs about yourself and your abilities.

Emotions are seen as a weakness

In the male-dominated workplace, we are called ‘bitches’ or ‘emotional’ while men who behave the same way are ‘passionate’ and ‘dynamic’.

Unsure where to start

Wanting to make a change but not sure where to begin - it can be hard to know where to focus first.

Don't feel worthy

Feeling unworthy in the workplace or in life - like you don’t deserve good things.

Need to be 100% certain you can do the job

Women only apply for jobs that they know they can 100% do, but men will apply for a job even if they fit only some of the criteria.

Don't have the skills

You may think you can’t do things, but you have skills you haven’t discovered yet!

Don't have a brand

Even if you don’t want to be a full-blown entrepreneur, having a brand or identity as a leader is so important.

Don’t know what you want

Figuring out what you want from your leadership journey can be hard, but it’s worth it if you’re serious about your leadership!

Too many other priorities

You can’t do it all, but you can do a lot! Prioritizing correctly is vital to achieving the best results.

Not enough time

Feeling like you’re always running out of time, or that there just isn’t enough.

Putting yourself last

A lot of us women do this every day, especially those of us who are mums! You DESERVE to put yourself first.

Feeling overwhelmed

When there’s too much on your plate, and/or you’re trying to do everything for everyone.

Trying to be superwoman

You can’t be everything to everyone! You need to look after YOU.

A lot of that probably sounds familiar, right? Well, I’ll show you how much power there is in purpose, focus, and mindset when it comes to beating these negative thoughts!

In this conference, we cover resilience, courage, success, perception, tribe, voice and ROCKING IT!

We give you the tools and techniques that we personally use to stand tall, shine and be brave.

We will help you find out who you are and what kind of leader you are - because we all have the potential to be great leaders!

You’ll walk away from this conference feeling brave and ready to ROCK work and life.

Places are EXTREMELY limited - to be one of the 100 exclusive attendees, book your place NOW.

WHO LEADS brave?

brave is led by Sonia McDonald, CEO, and founder of LeadershipHQ. Sonia has helped hundreds of executives, business owners and aspiring leaders hone their skills to become strong, connected and inspiring leaders. Named in the Top 100 Australian Entrepreneurs and Top 250 Influential Women across the Globe, Sonia will be your greatest Cheerleader.

For over 15 years she’s successfully coached and mentored people towards establishing their careers and getting a seat at the table. Sonia is one of Australia’s Leading Coaches and Keynote Speakers. She is also the author of “Just Rock It! How to Get What You Really Want.” And “Leadership Attitude: How Mindset and Action Can Change the World.”


and some amazing offers on the day!

If you have questions about the conference or if you have any dietary requirements please email the team at 0r 1300 719 665

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