Passion. It Matters.

Passion, It Matters to me. This might be a shock to you but I am SO passionate about what I do. I am passionate about my coaching, keynote speaking, writing, leadership training and making a difference.

Why? Easy. Leadership is my Why, Purpose, and Passion.

It matters. Truly matters.

Think of it like this. There are A LOT, I mean A LOT of consultants, companies and coaches that work in the Leadership space. We all pretty much have the same purpose (well I hope so!). Now, imagine working with a company or coach who didn’t have passion for what they do versus someone who truly loves and believes in what they do – and they show it! I bet you, you would want to work with the person who is passionate?

Martin Luther King, Jr. Richard Branson. Steve Jobs. Oprah Winfrey. All incredibly passionate leaders. They truly love and believe in their purpose and vision – and this is why we want more of it! People didn’t follow I think I might have a dream…they followed – “I have a dream!”

Passion is SO contagious. I do this Passion activity all the time in my workshop and events. I get on stage and I speak and facilitate with excitement, energy and passion. Then when I talk about our presence and how we are showing up, I suddenly change my whole energy and communication style. I become dull, bored and show a true lack of passion and energy. It is amazing to see everyone’s reaction in the room. They hate it! I do this to demonstrate why passion matters. We have something called Mirror Neurons. We automatically pick up the emotions of others.

Have you experienced sitting in your office and someone who has had a crap morning has just walked it and literally lumped it all over the office. They have been cranky, down or upset; and the whole energy in the room has changed. Yep! I bet you have!

I am not saying passion is about jumping around the room like the energiser bunny or yelling at the top of your voice. Some of the most passionate leaders I know and around the globe are actually introverts!

Passion is about believing in what you do, inspiring others to believe in it, and loving why you do what you do.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

Simon Sinek

As a leader, it is vital to turn up with passion and be passionate about what you do. Okay, I am not Miss Passionate 24/7 but I always focus my mindset everyday around how I can be the best and use my passion to create change and greatness in others. In turn, somedays I have to do things I am not that passionate about, but I always focus on WHY I do what I do.

Also I have worked with and met the most remarkable people; construction workers, cleaners, sales assistants, nurses, counsellors and people who you might think at times might not have the most fulfilling or exciting jobs; but they always find the purpose and passion around what they do.

Have you ever watched that show The Uncover Boss? I LOVE that show. Why? It is just awesome to see these bosses, CEOs or Managers go under cover and speak to their talent on the ground. They listen and see why they love their jobs and what they do. It is always about the people and purpose. They find something about what they do that serves as a purpose and they are passionate. It shows too!

We all want to be passionate and we want to work with and be lead by people who are passionate.

In turn, if you are finding it difficult to be passionate or have passion in what you do. What do you need to change? Think about it.

I met with the Bronwyn Lewis, CEO of Think Pink. I have to say they do AMAZING work. Our conversation centered around why do people change their lives when they are sick and are told devastating news. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT! Find passion in what you do, find your why – or change it!

Life is WAY too short not to live and lead it to the fullest with passion.

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