3 Ways to Get a Great Mindset

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It is mid-year and how is your mindset? The year seems to be passing us by. I have been doing a lot of coaching focusing on ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts), and I wanted to share 3 helpful ways to get a great mindset with you! I use these tips myself because even I have ANTs […]

Mark Bouris Show – Lessons Learnt

Mark Bouris Show

I am brave and courageous. I am and I need to be. I am a leader and entrepreneur. Yesterday I really put myself out there. I arrived at the Mark Bouris Show in Sydney to pitch some ideas around my company LeadershipHQ, building a tribe and Leadership Magazine idea (help Jackie Frank!). Let’s just say I […]

Rock It.

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Watch this video where I talk about how to Rock It! Confidence, Self Belief and Courage truly matter. Today we need Confident Leaders. You are a leader. Focus on what makes YOU Rock! My ROCK It Manifesto is – I will make my world truly ROCK by 1.    Standing by my values, no matter what, because […]

Put yourself out there!

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Let’s ignore the Tall Poppy Syndrome shall we? “If people are trying to bring you down it only means that you are above them.” I love this quote; doesn’t mean I feel like I am above anyone. However; I am over something. Have you heard of this thing called Tall Poppy Syndrome? Well, I refuse […]

Art of Not Giving a Crap

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How would it feel not to give a crap? This week I spoke with Jane Hall on Talking Lifestyle Radio about Why Not Giving a Crap Can Change Your World. Yes not giving a Crap. It is more challenging than you think. Where do I start? I feel maybe the book is a good place […]



I remember going for an interview for a Senior Human Resources role here in Brisbane with a major government department. I was really excited as well as being rather nervous. I thought the interview went great. The CEO was really innovative and dynamic and we got along brilliantly. Then the search consultant called me to […]

Neuroscience of Faking It

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One of the hottest catchphrases these days is the term, “faking it until you make it.” Despite its popularity, some people believe the saying is all about being an imposter. That couldn’t be further from the truth. “Faking it until you make it,” is not about trying to bluff your way through a situation for […]

Passion. It Matters.

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Passion, It Matters to me. This might be a shock to you but I am SO passionate about what I do. I am passionate about my coaching, keynote speaking, writing, leadership training and making a difference. Why? Easy. Leadership is my Why, Purpose, and Passion. It matters. Truly matters. Think of it like this. There […]