Recently I came across this quote from the fabulous Fabienne Fredrickson and it really resonated with me because it’s something that I speak about a lot about passion.

My job is my passion. When I found myself as a single mum with no money in the bank, I could not bring myself to just “get a job.” I was fascinated by leaders and leadership, so that’s where I put my energies. It was a risk, but it was so much more exciting than just “getting a job.”   When I worked in the leadership field I felt alive. I was excited to go to work every day. I was inspired. That’s what passion gives you.

I created LeadershipHQ because I was passionate about leadership. I was seeing leadership potential in people who were not being recognised. I had seen organizations in desperate need of high quality and inspirational leadership, who didn’t realise they had the people they needed already working for them. I saw people who viewed leadership as an administrative function – be the boss – when actually it’s quite a personal thing. You are dealing with people, not papers.

What they were all missing is the acknowledgment of the role of passion.

Without passion there is no commitment and no inspiration. There is no drive and no leader for the team to follow. When a leader is following his or her passion, it shows, and it’s inclusive. Each member of the team is included as part of that passion, and is inspired and motivated. That’s what you want happening in your organisation.

You have to really look at your people to discover their passions. There are people there, silently working away in unacknowledged leadership roles, holding teams together even though it’s not their official function. Remember, this sort of passion isn’t loud and obvious. Most often it’s silent but very strong.

Take a look around your workplace and pay attention to your people. Who do they go to when they need help? Who guides them each day? Who is the one they model themselves on? That’s where you will find your true and emerging leaders.

Successful organizations look out for these silent passionate people and invest in them, knowing that they are the leaders of the future. They coach them and groom them so they are ready to step confidently into the role of leader.

Talk to us about finding and developing your emerging leaders. We can help you tap into their passions so they can follow their calling.

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