Happy New Year! I have to say I am so excited about 2011. Don’t ask me why…maybe because I know this year is destined for great things for you, Leadership and me in the 21st Century.

Firstly, thank you for taking your precious time out to read my first blog post! I have been thinking for some time to start a blog and a few months back a wise astrologer told me that he saw on my chart that I was a great writer and I should start a blog, and wanted to know what was stopping me. What the?

What does stop us?  Fear, time, commitment? All of which I put my hand up to as useless excuses! Well he did say it was on my chart. Now who am I to detour from my chart and not go ahead with it? I am a tenacious Cancerian by the way and once I get my head and heart around something, there is no stopping me!

Why LeadershipHQ you might be asking (or not)? I did ponder for a while on this one. I felt LeadershipHQ really encompassed what I am crazy and passionate about – Talent Management and Leadership Development and Effectiveness as well as knowledge sharing and best practice. Leadership Headquarters…what do you think? Don’t answer that one as my mind is already made up.

I thought to myself; a one stop blog and knowledge centre for what is the latest, greatest, not so great, my views, your views, and really everything to do with all aspects of Talent Management and Leadership would be a great blog!

And believe me, I research, read, listen, learn and talk about everything in this space…and I also have a life! I am that passionate about it…incredibly! I love to teach and I hope you do take something away from this… (My astrologer also mentioned this – and this is the last time he will be mentioned in case you don’t believe in this stuff). Or maybe you can teach me something?

Whether it is out there by Peter Drucker, Deepak Chopra or John Maxwell, me, you or about inspiring or holistic leadership or latest talent management techniques, I am going to write about it all and share with you…now I am getting excited!

In turn, you might take away something to think about, pass on, discuss, implement, drive, deliver, make a difference, or create something, or simply build on your skills and abilities to develop your role and take your career to a different level and become a truly great leader. Maybe you will discover some new things about yourself and the people around you …

I am looking forward to sharing the LeadershipHQ journey with you and thank you for reading.

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