Have you ever been in a situation where you were asked for your opinion on something, however in order to be viewed in a certain way, you either amended or hid your true feelings? I think we have all done this to some degree whether subconsciously or otherwise.

Why do we do this? The answer is more complicated than you might initially think. On one hand you are you, a unique individual ready to make a mark on the world. On the other hand, you are human and take other people’s feeling and thoughts into consideration when you communicate with them. These two things are seemingly at odds with each other and between these two “hands” you are struggling to find your own authenticity – to be seen as the real you.

Maya Angelou was quoted as saying “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you will be” and this is so true for all of us. You need to uncover our authentic self and share it with the world so you can realise our own potential without limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs can, however, be difficult to overcome. What exactly is a limiting belief? Have you ever heard that little voice in your head that gives you the negative view or tells you that you are unable to do something? Meet Mr Limiting Belief himself! He can manifest himself in a variety of ways including harsh judgements, shame, a sense of worthlessness and more.

By being able to live authentically you are able to make deeper and more fulfilling connections with everyone you encounter. We all have the capacity to do so, neurologically speaking. But sometimes if we sense rejection or disapproval, similar to that of a jungle animal, our survival instincts kick in and do the work for us.
If you have at some point lived authentically or experienced an authentic moment, you may have seen that everything in your life was working in harmony. No stress. No worry. No fear. Like attracts like and you will see a seemingly endless amount of positive opportunities when you are operating on an authentic level.

I will let you in on a little secret; those limiting beliefs never entirely go away. It really is a case of embracing the fear and doing it anyway. Authenticity involves being honest with yourself and creating a level of self-awareness that you might have shied away from on previous occasions. Great leadership involves taking the risk and doing it anyway, not just for your own sake, but for the wellbeing of your team.
So the next time someone asks for your opinion, give it honestly, openly and with care. You may just discover some likeminded souls who are struggling to discover their own authenticity.

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