In any business, you are only as good as your team, so recruiting staff is one of the most important activities and requires time, research and diligence.

One of the common recruiting mistakes is hiring in your own image, or ‘mirror hiring’. It’s human nature to be drawn to people who we feel familiar and comfortable with. Having similar education or experience, attitudes and even physical appearance increase natural connections between newly introduced parties, and the interview room is no different.

Successful teams contain people who challenge and inspire each other, come from different angles and push each other out of their comfort zones to achieve more than they ever thought they could. If you hire clones of yourself variety and diversity is lost, the risk of missing opportunities increases and finding solutions when problems arise are a greater challenge. Even worse, your practices could be seen as discriminatory if it can be proven that you exclude people who are different you could find yourself in legal difficulty.

So what’s the solution? Recruit hard and manage easy.

Lou Adler, rated one of LinkedIn’s top 100 influencers and with 35 years experience as a recruiter recommends the Whole Brain Interview, instead of the purely emotional strategy many people use in recruitment that results in ‘mirror hiring’ and other common mistakes.

Adler believes we must first recognise the 4 parts of the brain and engage them all in the recruiting and decision making process. The Right brain, which is process focused and analytical, the creative and intuitive Left brain, our limbic system where emotional and instinctive decisions are made, first impressions and judgements in particular, and the prefrontal cortex where all inputs are assessed and balanced decisions are hopefully, but not always, made.

50 percent of errors in judgement are as a direct result of the subconscious reaction to positive or negative first impressions according to Adler. A negative first impression results in tougher questioning whereas a positive one makes the interviewer go into sales mode to convince the applicant they really want the vacancy. The exception to this emotional response are those groups with a larger than average left brain, who are more conservative and hold technical skills and experience in higher regard than softer skills and assumed potential.

A 4 step process is recommended by Adler to overcome and avoid all potential mistakes in the recruiting process, regardless of your left or right brain leanings.

Suspend judgement until sufficient information has been collected to make an informed first impression, 30 minutes being the ideal time frame.

Review the applicants work history during a Screening Interview over the phone, to identify work fit in particular before moving forward to a face to face meeting.

Ask specific work related questions and Gauge problem solving skills by asking the candidate to offer solutions to a specific situation or problem, preferably with real life experience examples.

Compare apples with apples by Scoring the talent and using a formal approach when it comes to questions and competency assessment. Not only does this take emotion out of the decision it keeps the process transparent and non-discriminatory on all levels.

A positive gut reaction has its place in the recruitment process, but only when backed by thorough screening, background and reference checking and personality assessment.

“If you’re not hiring with your whole brain you’re doing it wrong.” – Lou Adler

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