To me, the purpose is everything. It ROCKS! It is the WHY I do what I do. Why do I want to make a difference? Why do I keep getting up every day even when I get those knocks or setbacks? Why do I want to continue to inspire, lead and coach others? My purpose.

The key to becoming a successful leader lies in the ability for someone to not consider themselves a leader by will, but rather than by nature. The more conscious an action needs to be in order to be acted upon in a positive manner, the less likely it will occur, and most certainly the less likely it will be replicated. Put simply, a great leader comes from a place where the qualities that put them into a position of authority are inherent and naturally occurring. Not to say they haven’t been learned qualities, but a truly great leader has an awareness of their ability and how to achieve goals without having to force it out of themselves time after time. They have a sense of self awareness and, quite frankly, of purpose.

Leadership and purpose

It is not a short term goal that defines a working relationship, but the overall, long term professional commitments developed through mutual cooperation that set the foundation. The purpose at hand, no matter the task, is to complete it successfully so the next project will come along. As each task is completed, skills are gained that can be applied to the next project, and so on and so on.

With an eye on the long term strategy, purpose becomes a singular, sub conscious focus. You continually reiterate the minutia of group dynamics, i.e. running basic protocols or instructions for team members who have been with you for a while, is simply busy work. A leader’s purpose is to build the environment so their small stuff becomes inconsequential, level one steps that can take care of themselves.

Developing long term goals

Each client is a step towards a greater goal, whether they are internal customers or external. Each receives the due attention deserved by the leadership and the teams under them, in order to propagate the successes going forward. A leader thinks first of the larger issues at hand, with focused plans of ‘attack’ to achieve them. Along the way, their wide-berthed purpose of promoting from within, developing talent, and seeking new ways to think outside the box are prevalent as well.

These abilities develop as a second nature, as time goes on becoming more and more automatic as part of the working relationship. Personal and team improvements should always be a consideration, but recognizing the purpose of a relationship should develop inherently and therefore help solidify the foundation of a team environment.

What is your WHY? What is your Purpose?

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