What happened to the Bell Curve?

The world isn’t flat, and you won’t catch a cold if you leave the house with wet hair (and I leave the house numerous occasions with wet hair!), and business performance does not follow the Bell Curve. This commonly used statistical tool and recognised performance management strategy has been proven to be a myth, and […]

Welcome to LeadershipHQ

Happy New Year! I have to say I am so excited about 2011. Don’t ask me why…maybe because I know this year is destined for great things for you, Leadership and me in the 21st Century. Firstly, thank you for taking your precious time out to read my first blog post! I have been thinking […]

Using Brainpower in Marketing

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The best and the worst thing about Marketing is that evolves so fast. Today you are on the right track, tomorrow there is some new and better marketing tool to use and yours is already obsolete. However, the great news is that staying on top of the new methods and applying them in your ongoing […]

Unlikely Entrepreneur

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I remember standing there in Shanghai, China and my world had just fallen apart. My beautiful and warm apartment was suddenly cold and ugly. I wanted to crawl under a rock. I have left a full-time single mum living in a foreign country and I had no idea what I was going to do next. […]

Unconscious Bias

Although our current society mostly likes to pretend it doesn’t happen and that ‘everyone is equal’ and, therefore, equally important in the team, everyone carries a level of Unconscious bias. It is a bias that we’re not conscious of, and when it does raise its head and make itself known, we either quash it or attempt […]

Turn Your Managers Into Performance Coaches

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As workplaces become even more demanding in their requirements seeking innovators and over-achievers, companies are calling for a new type of manager to lead. They are looking for managers who have the ability to work as performance coaches as they lead their teams. Managers who can’t fulfil this role will gradually become redundant because they […]

The War For Talent Escalates

There is a growing recognition within the recruitment industry that the head-hunting business is booming, but the number and calibre of candidates required is proving hard to source. The ‘talent shortage’ is being felt in many sectors, as employers seek to fill vacancies in businesses that in previous years have found it necessary to downsize. […]

The Science of Presence

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The ‘X factor’, charisma, presence. Whatever you call it, you know it when you see it and feel it. When you are in business, the ability to really connect and be present is a priceless skill. It satisfies a basic human need to be ‘seen’ and feel validated. It can’t be forced, in fact the […]

The science of morality and why trust is all in your head

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Paul J. Zak, author of The Moral Molecule and neuroeconomist at Claremont Graduate University, discovered that we all possess a trust molecule – a molecule that is affects our morals and judgements. It is called Oxytocin and it is a hormone which helps us bond with people, and a neurotransmitter which carries signals within the […]