Utilizing the Power Pose in Leadership

Quite bluntly, your body language shapes who you are, from one on one conversations to high end negotiations with potential employees and employers. Having a consciousness of how to match your pose to the situation is a learned skill, but knowing what is actually happening within your body can bring your conscientious behaviour to a whole new level.

The Superman and Superwoman Pose

Not only does this pose feel comfortable by relaxing your arms and taking pressure off your sternum, it imposes a sense of readiness to those around you. Called the superman pose, or superwoman pose, as it resembles the ready stance of a super hero, it relies on a few factors to impart strength and confidence to those around you.

The pose begins at the ground level, with feet firmly planted and at least shoulder’s length apart. Your sternum is facing who you are speaking with, and your chin is slightly elevated at to one side at an angle. On your hips, both hands are planted firmly, with your elbows cocked outward.

Poses such as these not only give an appearance of solidity and leadership, but also raise testosterone levels in the body that relate to dominance and power. On the same note, they reduce levels of cortisone, which created anxiety and fear signals of weakness.

The gorilla

Of all the poses, this power pose is by far the most aggressive in an office setting. Working from the end of the table, stand up and place both hands on the table’s edge with your fingers curled under as if you are about to raise and punch the surface. Keep your elbows locked and lean forward, letting your weight fall upon your knuckles. This pose incites submission, and should only be used when a show of true power is required.

True confidence

Though not something you would pull out at a job interview, the True Confidence pose does nothing less than share your expression of knowing exactly what is what at all given times. Sit back in a chair, preferably one that tilts on its own, and place your crossed feet on the table ahead of you. Raise your arms behind your back and interlock your fingers behind the neck. This pose keeps your body in a relaxed but actionable position, and exudes complete confidence. As noted above, it is not recommended for an office interview lest you peeve off your interviewer for your showing of cockiness…

I would love you to give it a go – it works!

P.S. watch Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on the subject, it’s amazing!

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