Have you seen the video clip called “First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy”?   If not, take a look at it because it’s the perfect illustration of change in action.

The clip is part of a TED talk given by Derek Sivers where he talks about how to create a movement, and why the first follower is so vital to its success.

Take a look now…

Change starts to happen the moment a leader gains their first follower. As the clip says, there is no leader, for without a follower they are just “lone nuts”.

The first follower is often referred to as an early adopter. He or she spots the merit in an idea, picks it up and runs with it. They support of the leader and encourage others to follow, too.

Only 13.5% of the population are early adopters, according to Everett Rodgers, the brain behind the Theory of Diffusion. So on average, only 13.5% of your organisation will quickly see the need for change and start the movement which makes it happen.

Derek Sivers says that being an early adopter is a form of leadership. It is the early adopter who is the cheer squad and chief motivator for change. He or she is the person that others choose to follow which does, in fact, make them a leader.

In your role as leader, can you identify the first followers within your team? Are you paying attention to them? You need these people because they are the ones who will take your idea and make it happen.

If you haven’t looked at the clip yet, please do. It is only around 3 minutes long but it is the perfect illustration of the way change happens. As leader, this is something you need to understand.

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