Recent findings in the area of brain studies show that we can explain certain leadership qualities by ‘exploring’ the brains of successful leaders. This can give us answers to some questions that may help people become more inspirational and develop the qualities every leader wants to possess.

However, this comparatively new area of research already has opposition.  The people against it claim that the neuroscience is dehumanising. They “reject the idea that leadership – a phenomenon that is socially complex, relational, and recursive – can be readily reduced to neural activity.”  Dr Lindenbaum says “… detailed depictions of brain processes dehumanise what are essentially social processes.”

We do not agree with the arguments. At LeadershipHQ we believe that a more holistic approach may help us better understand not only the way a leader is able to inspire, but also to find out how people react in various situations, including while being under the influence of a successful leader.

In other words, neuroscience is not here to take away the relevance of other sciences but to help them. Working together, we may achieve more than has been achieved so far by each individual science.

Exploring any human-based science without taking into account the functions of the brain seems to leave the findings open to misinterpretation.  Yes, human behavior is affected by emotion, and social pressures and norms, but now that we can see where in the brain this activity is taking place we have a whole new set of data to work with.

I ask you, why wouldn’t we want to see and explore the way our brains work in varying circumstances now that we have the technology to do so?  Why wouldn’t we look to see how this vital organ drives our thoughts, actions and emotions?

Neuroscience helps us understand the way people react which then helps scientists and researchers better formulate their theories and predict the outcome.  We can help people understand themselves and why they think and act as they do, and that is very empowering.

By working together, our scientific fields are informed and powerful, and able to produce brilliant leaders.

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