Over 100 human resource industry professionals met in Brisbane for the HR Summit. I was one of the speakers at this event and my topic was Leadership and Confidence.

Why is confidence so important? Did you know that studies show us that confidence means more than competence? HR practitioners not only need the technical know-how but the confidence to be leaders and drive change and strategy within their organizations.

  • Confidence – believe me, it matters!
  • How to fake it till you make it
  • Power of Neuroscience in confidence
  • Amazing techniques on how to learn confidence
  • Take your HR skills to a new level

We are all born with confidence genes which means that even for the least confident of us, confidence can be taught. We need to discover our purpose, our unique talents, and our strengths, and we do that by taking action.

We talked about the way our brains work and how that influences the “fake it till you make it” approach to life.  We looked at how the act of appearing to be confident can actually help boost your confidence.  After all, our minds sometimes take cues from our body.  We tested this theory for ourselves by trying the Superwoman pose and noticing how we felt as we did it.

This was an involving and energetic presentation on leadership which was really well received by the course participants.  I was inspired by their willingness to test out the theories and I am excited to see the results they find when they apply them back in the workplace.

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