Framing Your Journey

The journey of change and growth…I have started walking as spring weather is just divine. I am dying to go cycling, and have pumped up my tyres, but that’s another story of change…and yes fear.

When I go walking, I like taking the same paths around my new city of Brisbane. They are familiar to me and it also allows me to switch off. Recently I have been taking a few different paths on my walk to see what surprises they might bring me. It is wonderful to see the old Queenslander houses as well as some of the renovated ones. I really love the renovated ones because they are a mix of the old and new. I feel like I am changing every day, I am still the old me but I am learning new insights about myself and the world. I am allowing myself to be open to this growth – and ultimately change which can be scary.

Yesterday I spoke at the HR Summit in Brisbane about the Neuroscience of Change and I reflected on my story around LeadershipHQ and how it was born. It was the birth of a company from a blog…and it was quite a jump of the cliff to give birth to a new organisation where I have great dreams and visions around where I want to take it. It is always evolving and at times I forget to step back to look at the journey and how I got here.

Change is hard, but it depends on how you frame it…and my frame of life is looking pretty amazing!

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