Endorphin Goal Setting!

Everyone has the same concept as the New Year approaches, and that is to set personal and professional resolutions for themselves. The concept isn’t without merit, as the act of identifying goals provides a warm and satisfied feeling that a plan is in place and action is at hand. However, consider how many people fail to reach those goals in the projected time frame, and the perception of worth that attaches itself to that failure.

Endorphin Goal Setting! These feelings aren’t arbitrary, but a key factor in motivating us as humans to push forward with our goals. Endorphins are released by the brain to provide a supportive ‘nudge’ when positive actions or decisions are made, and are multiplied when a goal is reached. This same chemical reaction occurs when negative actions are realized, though translated differently.

But as we all know, things don’t simply happen without guidance – the first step is definitely to make plans of achievement for the next year, but then the true work begins. Working in conjunction with the body’s function of endorphin release, each step in the process of satisfying professional achievements can lead to even greater things in the long run.

Start with defining goals

Relying on vague goals for 2015 will surely set a person up for failure. True progress can only be met when specific benchmarks are planned for – for example, don’t simply say ‘I want to increase employee productivity this year,’ but instead have a firm grasp on what the outcome will look like. You might wish to satisfy the endorphin release by writing down, ‘I will provide employee training in the areas of communication, field-related proficiencies, and peer recognition.’

Having a clear set of goals and outcomes not only increases your own positive perspective on the tasks at hand, but provides a boost of motivation for your team as well. Recognition that a solid plan is place speaks to an employee’s worth, and positively reinforced effort goes a long way.

Meet your goals

Once the plans are in place and actionable goals are on track, be prepared to complete them. Ride the rush of adrenaline your endorphins have released to chase a higher state of well-being by completing the goals on time. This means not only staying true to your plans, but having the flexibility to adjust should road blocks cross your path.

For both leaders and employees, seeing progress reinforces the positive feelings about work in general and the project in hand. As a team, you are moving forward to complete a job, and in doing so, reinforcing your own sense of positivity.

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