Framing Your Journey

The journey of change and growth…I have started walking as spring weather is just divine. I am dying to go cycling, and have pumped up my tyres, but that’s another story of change…and yes fear. When I go walking, I like taking the same paths around my new city of Brisbane. They are familiar to […]

Forging an Irresistible Organisation

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Do your team members enjoy coming to work? If they don’t, you’re missing out on an opportunity to increase team member engagement and reduce turnover; two key leadership concerns that can directly affect the quality of service you deliver to your customers and vendors. According to the 2014 survey conducted by Deloitte, Global Human Capital Trends, […]

Exploring Role, Authority and Power

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Having spent the last week on my development and growth, it struck me why I have been attracted to 2 very different but interrelated workshops on either side of Australia. As a facilitator, teacher and coach to many leaders, it is vital and necessary to also step back and take time to do my own […]

Everyday Leadership

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It occurred to me today that maybe we are making Leadership bigger than what it is. Today I ran a workshop on Transitioning into Leadership at the EA/PA Summit in Sydney with a remarkable group of women (note – would be great to see more gender diversity in this space). The greatest insight for these […]

Endorphin Goal Setting!

Goal Setting - Leadership Development

Everyone has the same concept as the New Year approaches, and that is to set personal and professional resolutions for themselves. The concept isn’t without merit, as the act of identifying goals provides a warm and satisfied feeling that a plan is in place and action is at hand. However, consider how many people fail […]

Employee Engagement Through Leadership

Nurturing Performance with Open Communications Any leader knows that in order to gain optimum performance from employees, they need to feel listened to. Simply providing instructions and expecting quality work is the wrong way to motivate, as job mentality becomes one of being told to do something instead of having confidence in ability. More often […]

Does Your Executive Assistant Need Leadership Skills?

A fantastic executive or personal assistant to a CEO, or high-achieving entrepreneur, is a gatekeeper as much as an assistant – someone who needs high-level skills in identifying priorities and resource allocation. It’s not an exaggeration to say that an executive is only as good as the assistant who supports them. Does this kind of […]

Do you REALLY listen to your team?

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“The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people.”— Woodrow Wilson We all have the ability to listen but not everyone uses that skill.  We’re often too busy working out our reply before the speaker has even finished with his words. Neuroscience shows us that while hearing is relatively simple, listening […]

Do You Have a Leadership Game Plan?

If you think about it, being a leader is not much different from being the captain of a sporting team. Whatever your team sport, be it football, basketball, or athletics, you are still, essentially, a fundamental component of the team. Unlike a coach, you’re not sitting on the sidelines, giving directions and demanding results. You’re […]

Director of Your Mind

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If you’ve ever watched mountain bike racing, you’ve probably wondered just how the cyclists manage to ride their bikes through the rugged terrain of the forest at such breakneck speeds without hitting a tree or another obstacle. For most of us, the sudden appearance of a large obstacle in our path causes a surge of […]