Striving to be a good leader is something we all do on a daily basis and, as the pressure mounts to be continually innovative, leaders are looking for alternative ideas. However, did you know the connections you make with your team can be the difference between a good leader and a great one?

Think about it! A healthy open relationship encourages a productive team. And, while it might sound a little soft from a leadership perspective, today’s leaders are still looking for hard outcomes and goals.

Many leaders today tend to emphasise their strength and competence but by doing so, they risk alienating through their fear and distrust. Fear can affect creativity and shadow your employees, so they are not working to the best of their ability. Without trust, employees fail to adapt to the values or long-term goals of the overall organisation. Teamwork and bonding can also fall by the wayside.

On the other hand, developing a more collaborative environment, demonstrating openness and encouraging communication at all levels will have the opposite effect. Remember, micromanaging will get you nowhere. Trust needs to be developed over a period of time and while it can be difficult to build, it is necessary to maintain. Trust builds the team up to facilitate a healthy exchange of ideas and acceptance, and it can influence a change in people’s attitudes and beliefs.

If you want to cultivate trust, personalise your efforts. Reach out and demonstrate that you, as the leader, are on the same page. If your aim is to have people listen and agree with you, you have to make a concerted effort to listen to and agree with them, where possible. Acknowledge emotions such as fear and tackle any concerns head on.

It is hard to predict how things will change in the future of business, but it is important that we trust the process and focus on a non-traditional mix of employees. Organisations need to seek out individuals who can adapt and collaborate, and in turn be creative and flexible. Diversity will be the key to the future – different backgrounds, different skills – all able to get along and support one another in all organisational endeavours. The future of business is only going to get more interesting. And the relationship between the leader and their team is at the very core.

Connections need to be formed outside of the company as well. Leaders often forget the importance of networking and learning with others; instead they prefer to focus on competition and strategy. Walls need to come down, and partnerships need to be developed to grow lucrative businesses. Developing relationships with partners can be problematic, but despite the hurdles, the benefits are enormous. Partnering increases the potential for innovation that companies are seeking. So focus on fostering the relationships between partners rather than keeping them at arm’s length.

Interconnectedness and communication is a huge requirement for leaders today, tomorrow and in the future. As Zig Ziglar so beautifully said, “In many ways, effective communication begins with mutual respect, communication that inspires, and encourages others to do their best.” And this raises the bar for the organization as a whole.

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