We’ve always said that although there are certainly some born leaders in our world, there are many more great leaders who have acquired and polished their leadership skills over a period of time. So, we know that with training, great leaders can be created.

Modern training techniques have evolved to reach beyond the training room, and offer a much more practical learning experience. By taking advantage of technology, workplaces can now offer a form of education which uses a mix of formal (face-to-face) learning with an online component. It means learners can access online material from work or home, when it is convenient for them to learn. This works especially well for knowledge-based learning.

Limitations of training

Until now, training has been fairly one dimensional. Leaders usually attend a formal training course where they practice their skills, then they go back to the workplace and are expected to use them. Often there is no follow up or mentoring to help embed the skills into the leader’s toolkit. When you are introducing learning which involves a skill, belief or cultural change, a simple training course is not enough.

Blended learning.

We know now that for learning to be truly effective, it needs to be a more rounded experience, and that’s where blended learning comes in. Blended learning incorporates both face-to-face and online elements along with a range of other learning opportunities. Formal learning is just a small part of the process.

Blending learning incorporates action learning with personal, social and even emotional development, too. It uses a variety of techniques to help learners embrace and adopt the new skills or behaviors so they become innate, rather than a tool to call on in specific circumstances. Some of the techniques include coaching, mentoring and even mastermind groups. Your trainer becomes a guide rather than a teacher, and learning is very much more personalized to your needs.

Blended learning is inclusive

Blended learning is much more suitable for a workplace that is building diversity and inclusion into its culture. The techniques used in blended learning make it adaptable to every individual’s personal circumstances. It allows you to structure a well-considered program to meet everyone’s learning needs.

Blended learning is flexible and offers a rounded approach to learning, and the beauty is that the blend can be re-mixed to suit every workplace and every person.

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