We now know that our thoughts can have a huge impact on the way our brains work and that they can also change the physiological structure of the brain, too. We use the term ’neuroplasticity’ to describe the way our brain is able to re-wire itself and even grow new brain cells.

This discovery has had huge implications for training. It tells us that our thoughts and experiences change the wiring in our brains and builds connections where there were none. It explains why traditional training – I’ll tell you once and you go away and do it – has not been effective in the past.

Training that takes a neuroscience approach works with the brain, not against it.

The secret to change lies in our ability to concentrate and focus on the new concepts we want to learn. David Rock and his AGES model shows us that we need to pay attention if we want the hippocampus to engage and acquire learning.

If we want to create exceptional leaders who then go on to inspire exceptional teams, we need to create the right opportunities for them to understand the need to change, to focus on making the change and to practice the change. They have the capacity to become exceptional – it’s all in their minds.

“As the mind changes, so does the brain” says Rick Hanson, author of Buddha’s Brain. We can make ourselves happier, more confident and more resilient, and generally acquire any mindset we choose.

Imagine the incredible leaders and teams you can cultivate in your organisation.

If you’d like to hear more of Rick Hanson’s explanation of neuroplasticity and brain change, watch this short, seven-minute video.

The team at LeadershipHQ are awesome with leadership coaching, leadership programs, Masterminds and neuroscience training – all through a neuroscience lens – and we can provide amazing brain change results and learning!

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