Are you a responsive leader?

I used to hate it when I’d make a suggestion or recommendation to my team leader and have no reply or acknowledgment at all.  Without the feedback, I felt as though my suggestions were worthless (which I knew they weren’t.) I soon learnt not to bother offering ideas for change and improvement at all.

Great leaders are responsive leaders, and responsive leaders are the linchpin of your organization.  They are one of the hubs for the most important communication lines in your business.

Idea gathering

I shared my ideas with my team leader who did nothing with them, leaving me feeling unheard and unmotivated about my work.   A responsive team leader acknowledges ideas as they are offered which encourages team members to keep looking for ways to improve the way they work.   Responsive leadership can help generate ideas which will streamline your whole organisation and save money at the same time.   It helps create a culture of continuous improvement.

Team health

Responsive leaders see and manage the behaviours that aren’t helpful and model those that are.  When information is flowing two-ways and team members are being acknowledged and supported at work, each individual is more likely to be confident in their role within the team. Not only is each person happy and secure within the team, the team is able to work more cohesively and produce better results.  This is how great leaders build strong, loyal teams.

Proactive change management

Responsive leaders respond to clients and management as well as to their team members.  They adapt quickly to changes in circumstances and, because they have developed a responsive team, are easily able to alter processes or set new goals.  The responsive leader is the leader whose team will survive during upheavals and still produce winning results.

Listening to your team or your clients is not enough to make a difference.  You need to respond – take action on what you’ve seen or heard. That is responsiveness and it’s what will make you stand out as a great leader.

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