Now that the importance of the leadership role has been recognized, there is a lot of pressure on leaders to perform.   Sometimes it seems that organizations are expecting superhuman efforts from our leaders with the result that, if something goes wrong, leaders assume the blame.

I’ve seen leaders put themselves under enormous pressure to be “perfect” when we all know that there is no such thing.  The effect on the individual is very damaging but there is a flow on effect, too.  Emerging leaders see what is happening to the leaders ahead of them and some begin to question their ambitions.

If the culture in your organization is one which allows leaders to have such hard expectations on themselves, you need to make some changes now before your next generation of leaders chooses to leave.

Your leaders need to know that it’s OK to be human and that your organization respects that. Your emerging leaders need to be prepared to cope when things don’t go as planned.

The latest neuroscience findings tell us that the more we understand ourselves, the more effective we will be in our roles. The mind influences the way we work and the level of our effectiveness.   We’ve designed the Emerging Leaders Program to help leaders get to know themselves.  They discover their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to work with them and develop exceptional leadership skills.

When people understand themselves it’s much easier for them to be self-forgive when they make a mistake or miss a deadline, and that’s a much healthier and more constructive way to live and lead.

Pay attention to your leaders and don’t allow them to be so hard on themselves.  The end cost is too great for both of you.

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