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Now I rarely do this but I am so excited about the launch of some amazing Leadership Innovations – FREE Leadership 7 Week eCourse (Yes FREE!) and LeadershipHQ Magazine! Our purpose is to build leaders who will make a difference to our world and we hope you will love our magazine and eCourse as much […]

As the mind changes, so does the brain

We now know that our thoughts can have a huge impact on the way our brains work and that they can also change the physiological structure of the brain, too. We use the term ’neuroplasticity’ to describe the way our brain is able to re-wire itself and even grow new brain cells. This discovery has […]

Are Your Decisions Really Rational?

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Many of us pride ourselves on our ability to think analytically. We like to feel as though we are making decisions that are fully informed, and so we tend to do lots of research and collect loads of data and facts before we make a decision. Others prefer to use skills that are derived more […]

Are you a responsive leader?

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Are you a responsive leader? I used to hate it when I’d make a suggestion or recommendation to my team leader and have no reply or acknowledgment at all.  Without the feedback, I felt as though my suggestions were worthless (which I knew they weren’t.) I soon learnt not to bother offering ideas for change […]

Are leaders too hard on themselves?

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Now that the importance of the leadership role has been recognized, there is a lot of pressure on leaders to perform.   Sometimes it seems that organizations are expecting superhuman efforts from our leaders with the result that, if something goes wrong, leaders assume the blame. I’ve seen leaders put themselves under enormous pressure to be […]

10 Ways to Be an Authentic Leader + Infograhic

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To truly build a sustainable team, leaders must strive to not only be effective, but authentic leader as well. Jumping onto the latest management philosophy without truly buying into it is a sure way to lose credibility, so careful and conscientious mindfulness is the key to any worthwhile team management plan. Team members can smell […]

10 Tips For Confident Leaders

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Being a leader can take a lot of courage and putting yourself out there. You’re not only expected to produce an extraordinary outcome, but take a diverse group of people along with you. On top of that, your team is also expected to perform and produce, and work closely and collaboratively. Your team members rely […]

7 Key Trends – Neuroscience of Leadership

2018 will be a year of change so it promises to be very exciting. While there are many possibilities ahead, here are seven of the key trends I see impacting our workplaces this year. The increasing importance of social development at work: Our social group was for the company as well as for self-protection. We […]