3 Steps to Motivating Your Organisation’s Key Employees with Blue Ocean Leadership

One of the top challenges of leading change in your organization as you leave the “bloody waters” of direct competition to create new markets and demand in the open spaces of “blue ocean”, is getting your people to “opt-in” and “buy” your leadership. Motivating your employees to reach their full potential and give their best […]

3 Keys to Easily Building New Skills and Talents!

We are really good at the things we do often and because we are good at them, we choose to do them often. We tend to ignore the things we are not so good at, and that is a pity when there are simple ways to turn these into talents and skills, too. Today I […]

3 Steps To Boosting Your Organisation’s Effectiveness.

Leaders have a vital role in improving the effectiveness of their organization’s because at the end of the day it all comes down to the individuals and how functional they are when they work together under a skilled leader. Innovative leaders need to adopt a three-fold approach in order to bring about real change within […]