Strengths Based Training and Organisational Positivity

One of the techniques we draw on in our leadership courses is strengths-based training. This is a technique that I love because it is focused clearly on the positives.

Often, when something stops working in an organisation, people start looking for what is going wrong. With strengths based training we look for what is going right. It’s a different approach to problem solving that brings impressive results.

When leaders look for the gaps in their team’s knowledge or skills, they are instantly creating a disempowering workplace. Of course it’s not deliberate; it’s the way training has traditionally been managed – find a skill gap and fill it. You probably know how it feels when you’re told that you need to “improve on …” or “change the way you…” It can be dispiriting to find that there is yet more that you need to learn in order to keep up with the rest of your team.

Instead, strength-based training is based on the belief that everyone has their own set of strengths and abilities, and an inbuilt potential for personal development and change. We all do something right at some stage! Strengths based training boosts the individual’s self-confidence by showing them what they already do well and using that as the foundation for growth.

Strengths based training shows people how to use the skills they already have in order to bring about the change they need to make. Neuroscience has taught us that the human brain organises itself by strengthening the connections and pathways used most often. When you have a powerful basis on which to build, why wouldn’t you use it?

What does this mean for your organization?

What does that mean for the individual?

Studies show that taking this positive approach to training actually boosts confidence, well-being and individual willingness to be actively involved in change. It changes the organizational environment into one of positivity and forward thinking.

What does that mean for the organization?

When the teams are happy and confident, an organisation can expect to see a boost in profitability, a higher rate of productions, a reduction in workplace accidents, better client service and an improvement in employee retention.

If your organisation is still targeting only the negatives, it’s time you changed your approach.

At LeadershipHQ we train leaders to use Strengths Based Leadership and the principles of strengths based training to bring positive change in their teams and gradually throughout the entire organisation.

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