It’s not something we might spend a lot of time considering but the ‘‘why’’ behind what we do has a major impact on the choices we make and the actions we take. What do I mean by the ‘why’? Simon Sinek describes it as “The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do.”

In that one simple description you find what may be the factor that transforms you from leader to inspiring leader – passion. Sinek refers to Jamie Oliver as the perfect example of a man who is an inspirational leader purely because he follows his ‘‘why’’ and he communicates it with us. Now, Jamie Oliver is an ordinary man. He is quirky and fun, but he looks, acts and speaks just like the rest of us. The first thing you notice about him is his passion for food – for good, fresh food which will keep everyone healthy. He’s out there, sharing his passion, spreading the word and actively working to make changes in the world. Along the way he has shifted the thinking of some of the people who have been most entrenched in the old-school way of doing things, and he’s done that simply by communicating the ‘why’ of what he is doing.

Most organisations are great at doing the what and how of what they do, but they don’t communicate their ‘why’s. There must have been a ‘why’ in the beginning, because someone was motivated enough to get out there and start the business. Money, though useful, is rarely a strong enough ‘why’ to sustain commitment over the long term. If your organisation could share your ‘why’, imagine the difference it would make in the marketplace but, more importantly, to your teams. The ‘why’ taps into the emotional part of the brain and influences the way people react to your message. It influences their decisions and gives them something to hang onto as they take action.

Click here and take a look at my video where I talk more about “Start with the WHY!” by Simon Sinek and let me show you just how important his findings really are. Once you’ve watched the video, come back and tell me what drives you – what is your ‘why’? Leave me a comment and share your passion with us.


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Sonia McDonaldSonia McDonald, CEO and Founder of LeadershipHQ, is an Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Dynamic Keynote Speaker, Leadership Coach and Author of Leadership Attitude (now on BOOKTOPIA!). She was recently named in the Top 250 Influential Women Leaders across the Globe. Sonia is one of Australia’s Leading Executive Coaches. She has over 25 years’ human resource management, leadership and organisational development experience. She has held senior leadership roles in organisational development, learning and development, human resources and talent management fields across the globe. She is also an inspirational and dynamic leadership and neuroscience keynote speaker.

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