I remember taking a leap of faith in myself and focusing on my passion, purpose – and what made me different! I owned that difference to start LeadershipHQ. It took courage, passion, determination and guts to do this. To not try and compete or be like anyone else. To be just me. Just different. And there have been times where that difference has been applauded and celebrated, and other times judged and criticised.

We are not born to judge, discriminate or hate someone because they are different. We learn this. We can also learn to love, respect, and care for everyone despite of the differences.

I remember Martin Luther King saying “I have a dream, I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.”

The thing is, even though we have made progress, we still seem to be playing the same game now. We have just found 100 different ways to play it.

I have a dream, too, but I want a world where we are not having the diversity debate or discussion. It is not about race, disability, gender or age. It is about appreciating that we have a world of 7.3 billion humans where we are each different. We celebrate uniqueness and 7.3 billion people’s diversity of thought.

I want a world where instead of ‘The Business Case’, it’s just part of Business.

Instead of ‘it starts with me’, it starts with ‘we’.

Instead of ‘gender intelligence’, we see intelligence in all.

I want a world where we know that creativity and innovation is within each one of us.

A world where we feel truly safe for authentically being who we are.

A world where we see you, truly see you!

I want us to commit to not the word ‘diversity’ but to the action of embracing our differences.

Since going on my journey, taking a leap of faith to start my own company, I focused on what was unique and different about me, and I owned it. I owned my difference. I’m not perfect. None of us are, but it is our imperfections that make us real. We may have disabilities, but they are what give us the ability to be our unique selves.

I ask you, what are we really doing about diversity? Are we hard wired to see what we want to see, no matter what we are? Or can we do something about it?

What if we could lead everyone towards the ideal world?

What if we could show people what the world looks like when diversity was not the buzz word but part of how we live? What if we could model in our language and actions such things as acceptance, appreciation of difference, the value of the unique, human respect, inclusivity and vulnerability?

What if we could lead people to a world where there was no judgement, and we are truly seen for how we are, respected and being respectful.

This is my dream.

I invite everyone to stop the conversation and take action. Stop the debates and start showing up as the leaders we are.

We are all capable of experiencing and learning to enjoy this brand new world, but not everyone is able to take us there.

The world won’t change while we talk about it. We can only create a world where it is safe to be who we are if we start leading and showing the way.

If you and I don’t do it, who will?

I see and lead that world….we lead OUR world

LeadershipHQ and Griffith University Business School held an amazing event called LED – Leaders Engaging Diversity. The speakers were brilliant and the messages clear – we lead our world.

We know you can lead the way with Diversity and Inclusion. Contact the team at LeadershipHQ to find out more.

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