Are you a good mentor?

Formal mentoring in the workplace is being adopted by an increasing number of businesses to boost competency, morale and employee retention. History of Mentorship The concept of Mentoring has been around since the ancient Greeks. The practice is named for Mentor, who was the trusted guide and counsellor of the fabled hero Odysseus. He was […]

Millennial Leadership Style

As each generation takes up the reigns of senior leadership, they bring with them their own lessons and sensitivities concerning how best to manage not only their employees, but also their customers and companies. These values are based from the unique impressions of the current tone of the generation, and ensure for smooth and beneficial […]

Leadership and Ego

I always say that Leadership is an Attitude and Mindset not a role or title. However what happens when we step into a leadership role and our ego gets into the way. Have you seen this happen? While it takes a certain amount of ego to be a confident leader, how much is too much? […]

The Jerk!

They are real. They are out there. We have worked with them, for them and lead them. For whatever reason provenance has deemed necessary, there will often be that one person in a working environment that no amount of coaching or compassion will breach. These narcissistic jerks cause disruption, anxiety, pressure, and even hostile work […]

How to lead a difficult team!

When working with teams, you’re essentially working with a given number of individuals, and problems are going to arise. If you consider the sheer number of personality tests you can get your hands on, you can see there are such a variety of personality traits; including the strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and ways of working […]

Board Leadership Matters

Leadership Program in Brisbane

Recently I worked with Kylie Hammond from the Directors Institute on a Fast Track Masterclass for Boards during which we covered Board Career Planning and Strategy as well as Board Leadership. It was an incredible day with 28 current and future Board Directors. Leadership on Boards is pivotal. Why? Much has been written about governance on boards, […]

Diversity of thought – a powerful tool

It’s not what you say but how you say it. Did you also know it’s not what you think but how you think it? Diversity is more than race or culture, and bigger than gender too. Diversity of thought, or thought diversity, is a relatively new concept, as explored by consulting and professional services company […]

Collective Leadership

The concept of collective leadership is that we each, within us, have the capacity to be a leader. Thus, organisations who share this value encourage this internal leader to emerge, and to become an integral part of the business. Rather than managing or directing employees, having them follow manuals and procedures to the letter and […]

11 Ways to Make it Happen

Let’s face it; last year was either pretty awful or truly awesome for many of us. Unfortunately the brain is predisposed to focus on the crap! Those threats, the negatives – and they hit us hard and tend to stay with us longer. We can change our focus and let’s make 2017 happen for us […]

Breaking our Glass Walls

I write a lot. I love to write about my purpose and passions. Why? I share knowledge, insights and the latest in research and knowledge around leadership, neuroscience and diversity. And I love the fact I get so many people around the globe sharing their insights and views, too. It is so cool! I think […]