I write a lot. I love to write about my purpose and passions.

Why? I share knowledge, insights and the latest in research and knowledge around leadership, neuroscience and diversity. And I love the fact I get so many people around the globe sharing their insights and views, too. It is so cool!

I think Leadership makes the difference and great leaders build great companies. I see that diversity of thinking and innovation builds great teams and organisations. In turn, leadership and organisations are about “people”, and by understanding the power of the brain, we can understand ourselves and others so much more.

But today, I have decided to write something a little more vulnerable; about something that I have been experiencing and seeing so much more of late. Or maybe this is where my focus has been lately, and the issue has always been there.

We talk about the glass ceiling, the biases we have, and building more inclusive and diverse teams and organisations. We also talk about how we can make a difference and gain awareness around breaking through these ceilings. Building leaders which are more inclusive, and encourage diversity within our teams and organisations is really important!

What is even more important is YOU. In the last few months I have experienced some knocks and different ways of thinking about my work which has surprised me. I have also had some incredible successes and wonderful feedback. However, we tend to focus on the threats so much more, and this can be truly debilitating. It is rather exhausting and draining.

In turn, I put up my walls. Glass Walls. I call them this because when my confidence gets shattered, I shelter behind these walls…walls I can still see out of but which are there to protect myself. And I can slowly see the cracks coming through.

It can stop me from living and breathing my purpose and passions and it can stop me being the best I can be. It shatters my confidence. And to me, confidence is everything. Self-belief really makes a difference in climbing any sort of ladder, fulfilling dreams and goals and finally being the best you can be. We can’t afford to lose it.

I can see the clients and leaders I work with doing the same thing. It is not so much that there is a glass ceiling (yes this does still exist) or that the biases (we all have them) around us truly stop us from being the best we can be; it is US. It is YOU. It is what you focus on. It is what you believe about yourself. It is what you take away from feedback or other people’s thoughts.

In time, I break through the glass. I learn, I grow and I change. Thing is, I do it. I break the glass walls. I focus on me, the solutions and changes I can make! I don’t wait for them to happen, and I don’t make the situation about the other person or people. They have their own walls and all I can do is try to understand the why, what and how about them.

Do you let the ceiling stop you? Do you care about someone else’s biases? If you do, do you put up a wall and focus on it? Or do you break it down and think to yourself, “I know who I am. I know I am different which is amazing, I know I am not perfect and I am okay with that. I am human, we all are.”

We all have different brains and we bring to the table all kinds of different and wonderful thoughts and ways of thinking. We each bring something different and special to the world and to leadership.

Break down those walls around you. Be true to yourself and accept not everyone will like or agree with you. Focus on you and what you can change, and control. Focus on how you react to things – and why? Break down those walls of those around you, and gain understanding around why they might build theirs. Understanding yourself and others. Breaking down the barriers and walls.

It’s about YOU being inclusive and being the best you can be, not only for yourselves but for others. I am sure they put up their glass walls. Let’s break them down, and start to understand each other’s differences, needs, and thinking. We will then start to build great and diverse leadership and organizations. It starts with YOU.

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