Leadership is Changing

Everything about the workplace is changing. In just the last few years, the world has become even more interconnected and interdependent as social media platforms, mobile hotspots and Wi-Fi have become pervasive and nearly universal all across the globe. The way that each of us interacts with clients, our peers, colleagues, and even our competition, […]

Leader’s Secret Skill (Don’t tell anyone)

Leaders quickly learn that they can’t bend people to their will. They can give an order but the team might choose not to obey. Something just doesn’t work… If you look at the key words in the that last paragraph you will immediately see why those leaders are unsuccessful. “Bend people to their will.” “Order” […]

7 Keys to Leadership – Neuroscience of Leadership Applications

Great leaders are made and not born, as environmental factors such as their own lessons in what is effective and what is not go into each and every decision they make. With practice, the decisions become second nature, with instinct really being a sub-conscious action of critical thinking and instantaneous analysis. In every decision made […]

The Queen Bee Myth

A decade ago I was working in a Senior Human Resources role and there was another senior member of my team that would go out of her way to undermine me. Literally she would growl at me when she saw me. I am not kidding; she would growl at me under her breath. It was […]