“The only way to do great work is to love the work you do.” – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was one of those people who inspired us all to greater things.  He was passionate about his work and his reason for doing it.  Along with many other people I could not help but respond to it.  His sincerity resonated with me.

The beauty of passion is that it’s contagious.  Just look at Apple as a brand and you will see how passion has swept us up and made us pay attention to them.  Many of us even became customers.

Passion and sincerity go hand in hand and that’s what captures people and sweeps them into enthusiasm alongside you.

We know that emotion is contagious.
Think back through your work life.  There is certain to have been times when you have been angry on behalf of someone else or your team is suddenly feeling happy and you start to feel happy, too.

“Because employees pay great attention to their leaders’ emotions, leaders can strongly influence the mood, and thus attitudes and performance, of their teams through emotional contagion.” Wharton@Work

Neuroscience shows us that our limbic system (the emotional centre of our brain) can recognise emotion in another person within milliseconds even without any obvious display. That means leaders are able to influence their teams to become excited and involved in a project simply by showing their own excitement.

Imagine what would happen if you could do that in your workplace. Imagine what effect that would have on your team.

If you can harness your passion for a project it will be easy to bring your team members and stakeholders on board. They will be infected with your passion and become active participants in the project rather than people being paid to do a job.

Be like Steve Jobs and bring your passion with you to work with you.  Show it off.  It will make your role a lot easier to manage.

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