To be able to plan for the unexpected, we need to peer past the limits of what we can physically see and try to glimpse what lies just beyond the horizon. At first, this seems to be an impossible task. How can we glimpse a future event before it happens?

Yet, being able to see what might happen in the future, imagine what lies just around the bend, and prepare for the change that the future brings, is a critical skill for all leaders. Future vision requires insight. To stay ahead of the curve, you need to gather as much information, as well as critical analysis about this data, as is possible.

Gathering and Interpreting Useful Information is the Key to Staying Ahead of the Curve

Our ability to see and prepare for the future comes down to our ability to gather and interpret useful intelligence.

Intelligence gathering, however, is about more than just collecting random information. To be useful, the intelligence that you gather should be targeted to your industry.  Leaders want and need information that helps them to stay on top of breaking news and emerging trends as well as provides insider details and tips.

Ideally, your intelligence operations will help you to stay abreast of current news, historical progressions and also provide analysis that helps you to be able to foresee new movements, course changes and shifts before they happen.  Your intelligence gathering should also give you the capability to keep an eye on your competition, as well as connect you with groups of like-minded individuals that can help you expand your existing networks and position you to see and seize new opportunities for growth. It should also enable you to keep informed and up-to- date with all of your contacts in all of your networks.

LinkedIn is a one stop portal that simplifies intelligence gathering and analysis!

LinkedIn isn’t Just for Networking – it’s a Portal for Intelligence Gathering and Analysis!

LinkedIn is probably best known as a professional networking tool. As a leader, you are probably already well aware that LinkedIn is where most professionals around the world come together and connect, learn and share.

In addition to being a place where you can post your resume and connect with others, LinkedIn has several features that make it easy to gather and analyse useful information.

Through LinkedIn Pulse, you can stay atop of the latest news in your industry. In addition to news on a large, even global, scale, LinkedIn also allows you to stay current with the latest promotions, work anniversaries, career changes and other important events in your network of connections.

LinkedIn Groups allows you to follow companies and brands and contribute to discussions. You can also use this feature to connect with others who share your interests so that you can expand your network.  Finding people that share your goals, and locating promising new talent to recruit and inspire to join your team has never been easier!

The platform even helps you to establish your authority, shape public opinion, become recognised as an expert, and initiate new trends and disruptive changes of your own!  By allowing you to write and publish your own thought-provoking pieces on LinkedIn Pulse, it provides a platform for you to share your vision with other key influencers and leaders who are truly interested in your analysis and insight.

LinkedIn helps you stay ahead of the curve while allowing you to guide and engineer the very future that you are trying to glimpse and prepare for!

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