LinkedIn is one of the more efficient social networking websites when it comes to leaders, executives and those interested in connecting with others to further their career. Think of it as a virtual business card. If your executive profile is not laid out in an orderly manner, it will be glanced at and suitably put aside, failing to receive even a second glance. The alternative promises a brighter future for those who take their careers seriously. So let’s take some time to get noticed for all the right reasons.

Personalise it

Everyone comes from a different background and therefore an executive profile is going to be as unique as your career and your goals. Personalise it with a quality, professional photograph and a distinctive header image to represent your brand and vision. While marketing is often left to corporations, professional branding for individuals is just as important to show your connection and recruiters what you represent. Make sure your heading stands out and include any necessary keywords to contribute to making your profile more searchable for those seeking individuals in your field.

Fill in the Gaps

It is important to take your time to go through each section and fill it out as accurately as you can. List any previous key positions, your educational background and accompany with relevant photographs and videos. Summarise your aspirations and your goals to let others know the direction in which you wish to head. Write for your readers. What information do they want to see? What might be relevant or interesting from their perspective? Feel free to add links to your other social media pages and websites which may be of use to others.

Keep it Updated

It is important that you keep updating your LinkedIn profile with regular blog posts or sharing of entertaining, yet relevant information. It keeps your followers interested and is an excellent way to start a dialogue or two on a given subject. You just never know where a thought provoking topic may lead. Consider them as icebreakers to get the conversation started.

Maintain your Privacy

LinkedIn allows you to maintain as much control and confidentiality as possible. You can choose to share as much or as little of the information either publically or privately within your network. It is important that you always maintain professionalism with all of your posts and updates.

Grow Those Connections

Once you have taken the time to create an executive profile that meets your needs, it is important to start working on those connections. Research individuals and invite them to connect with your profile. Ideally, you want an active profile with new connections being added on a regular basis to keep it fresh.

All of these things may only take a short period of time to optimize, but the result is one very elegant looking LinkedIn profile; one which will garner not just a second glance, but an in-depth read. You never know who may be reading your profile so it is important that your executive profile is visitor-ready to increase those connections.

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